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Ben McCarthy: economics, development, music.

I am an economist working in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In addition to working to earn my daily bread, I write music, take photos, and raise children. I have created this webpage as a space to store, for public consumption, various bits and pieces. Please feel free to peruse the contents and drop me a line if you like what you see and hear. Criticism is welcome. I am open to collaborations.

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COVID-19 threatens Africa's ability to achieve SDGs

COVID-19 threatens Africa's ability to achieve SDGs

SciDev.net asked me a few questions and featured my responses in an article on COVID-19's effects on Africa's attainment of the SDGs.

Kirkos by New Nations

Kirkos, by New Nations

Following a long absence from doing much of anything music-related, I wrote and produced this EP. It represents an experience of learning how to make music using digital tools, remembering a whole lot of things I learnt long ago, and experiencing again how much fun music can be. Released May 2019.

Landscape around Lalibela, Ethiopia

Landscape around Lalibela, Ethiopia

March 2019

Welcome to Extense

The quiet opening of a personal website.

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